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When only ceramic & porcelain will do

There is a certain elegance that comes standard with each and every ceramic & porcelain tile you have installed in your home. It’s a sophistication that works just as well in bathrooms and kitchens as it does in living rooms and bedrooms, with benefits that only add to the allure of the flooring. If you are seeking a durable, gorgeous, long-lasting material for your floors, this could be the one that has all the attributes you need and more. We can even help you choose the perfect product for your own requirements.

At Luke Brothers Floor Covering, we have nearly 50 years of experience that we put to use for every one of our customers. This allows us to help you pick a floor covering that best suits your needs and preferences, as well as provide you with services that put those products to excellent use. At our showroom in Ankeny, IA, you’ll meet our friendly and professional sales staff who can guide you through our large selection of products with absolutely no pressure. We provide services to the communities of Ankeny, Des Moines, Altoona, Grimes, and Bondurant, and look forward to offering our services to you as well. Please visit us at your convenience.
Ceramic tile flooring in Grimes, IA from Luke Brothers Floor Covering

Ceramic & porcelain facts

One of the first characteristics that come to mind when ceramic & porcelain tile is mentioned is the water resistance they offer. It’s important to note that because of manufacturing techniques and materials, porcelain is a bit more impervious to water than ceramic is. Both can be an excellent addition to kitchens, bathroom, foyers, or any other space where moisture and spills are expected. At the same time, it can be a good idea to use this flooring for all your spaces, since you never really know when an accident will occur.

If you intend to use tile flooring in outside spaces, porcelain is a better option than ceramic. When used in patios and pool areas, for example, porcelain does an excellent job of withstanding the elements and temperatures, as well as rain and dampness.

Both ceramic & porcelain offer excellent durability and life span. They work very well under the duress of heavy activity and last about 40 to 50 years with proper care and maintenance. It’s very important, especially with porcelain, to make sure to enlist the services of a professional installation team. With special tools and plenty of experience, they can finish a successful installation of ceramic & porcelain quickly and easily.

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