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Your new experience with carpet

Some facts about carpet seem to be known by all. For instance, the plush and soft underfoot feel, the variety of fibers and styles, and the inviting yet elegant appearance it provides for so many spaces. However, there are depths to even those commonly known facts that require further investigation when you’re considering it for your new flooring. It’s easy to choose the product line, but you have to be a bit more invested to pick the final product. But that’s where we can be of great assistance.

Luke Brothers Floor Covering has been serving our customers for 47 years on the bedrock concept that people deserve both respect and honesty. When you combine that with high-quality materials and excellent services, we can then create a client base that will return, as well as tell others about their experience. When you visit our Ankeny, IA showroom, you won’t have to worry about hype or gimmicks, because we have none. Instead, you’ll receive an honest value and the quality that backs up our reputation. We are proud to serve the communities of Ankeny, Des Moines, Altoona, Grimes, and Bondurant, and we also hope to have the opportunity to serve you as well. Feel free to stop by anytime so we can get your own flooring project started right away.
Luxury carpet in Ankeny, IA from Luke Brothers Floor Covering

Carpet you can have confidence in

Carpet, as the only soft surface floor covering, has certain options that are not available in any other material on the market, past or present. The plush underfoot softness is truly one of a kind and makes an excellent surface for the smallest members of your family. It’s comfortable and appealing, offering an invitation all its own for house guests and residents alike.

In addition, that softness also helps create a more peaceful and serene environment by reducing noise in the home. This works great for busy single-level homes, as well as multi-level homes, and especially between floors. If you have children whose bedrooms are upstairs, you’ll quickly see a difference in noise levels.

Heat retention is another feature that some homeowners actually choose carpet for in the first place. It helps to hold in the heat and offers the great benefit of energy savings as well. It’s not often that a floor covering can actually save you money by simply being put in place, but it will be a feature you’ll love, especially on those cold winter mornings.

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